Events Archive (2014 - Present)

I’ve been selling my work at conventions and craft fairs since 2014 (while I was still working full-time as a 2D Game Artist), and I’ll never forget my first successful show at Emerald City Comic Con 2014. It really is such an encouraging and validating experience to see people buying your work in-person, often going out of their way to return to your booth year after year. I treasure these customer interactions and think of them whenever I’m feeling down. A warm thank you, to anyone who’s stopped by my table!

The following is a list of every convention / gallery show I’ve done since 2014. Click on the event name for images and more info.

2018 Reports

End-of-Year Review 2018: This was one of my busiest years, and I enjoyed record-setting sales at both Emerald City Comic Con 2018 and Sakura-Con 2018. It always feels good to see improvement from previous years, and having plenty of repeat customers is a real treat. I also flew down to LA to attend Anime Expo 2018, a fun trip which included a studio tour of DreamWorks Animation and many meet-ups with friends. That said, I suffered pretty bad burn-out towards the end of the summer between freelance contract work and social obligations, which caused me to drop the ball and miss Rose City Comic Con for the first time in four years. In 2019 I hope to manage my self-care better so that I can be less stressed, more consistent/dependable, and maaaybe not have a break-down halfway through the year. (Huge apologies and heartfelt thanks to anyone who had to deal with that!) I also plan to take on less contract work, and instead maintain a regular presence at Pike Place Market.

2017 Reports

End-of-Year Review 2017: From a personal standpoint, this was a rough year for me. I took a break from all conventions in the spring and summer to settle personal affairs and take care of my health. I even decided to skip Emerald City Comic Con, which historically was always my most profitable show. Fortunately I made a comeback and had a series of successful shows in the fall and winter. I also had a wonderful time attending CTN Expo 2017 and visiting my friends in LA/Burbank. Next year I hope to do more local shows, and maybe visit LA for Anime Expo!

2016 Reports

End-of-Year Review 2016: This was, bar none, the worst year of my life. I dealt with heartbreak, divorce, job loss, and a host of personal demons. As a result, there isn’t very much to talk about in the way of art shows, but the few shows I did do were enjoyable for what it’s worth!