Wing Luke Museum Exhibition: Tales of Tails

At long last, here are some pictures of the Wing Luke "KidPLACE" children's book exhibition that I worked on - my biggest collaborative art project to date! For the past 10 months, I worked closely with a small planning committee at the Wing Luke Museum (a historical heritage museum devoted to Asian American culture) to plan, design, and install the exhibition. Our team had free reign to transform a 10'x12' room into a lush, forest-themed exhibit titled "Tales of Tails." I was responsible for creating many of the printed designs as well, including the text panels and the reading panda illustration.

This project was headed by Minh Nguyen and involved many talented contributors. My friend Rodney Bambao did all the production design for this exhibit, even going as far as building a to-scale diorama of the whole thing! My friend Ken Taya did a bunch of the cute animal art, and I also roped in my husband Sam LaMonica to write all the text panels, since he works as an educational writer.

On opening day, I led a 2 hour art activity for a large classroom of children. The best part of that was after my art demo, when a bunch of the kids lined up to try out the digital tablet I brought. It was so much fun watching kids live-draw their favorite animals on the projection screen! It really lit a fire in me and I definitely want to pursue more teaching opportunities in the future!

An Introduction: Why I Write Badly & Intermittently

When I was in school, I remember vividly how I would spend hours crafting my websites and blog posts: a staple of my youth. I kept a Livejournal throughout most of high school and college, back when the site was a bustling online community for maudlin teens to twenty-somethings with an abundance of feelings and a lack of spellcheck. These days, reading my old journal elicits both warm nostalgia and second-hand embarrassment in equal measure. Yet there's a small part of me that wishes I could return to a simpler time in my life. I will never be able to write in that overly sentimental, foolhardy style of days long past. But perhaps I can connect with you all the same, kind reader.

I look back fondly on my "LJ Days," as it were full of silly memes, surveys, fandom blogs, and RP chatrooms. When you are a lifelong introvert, you tend to express yourself far better through written words than face-to-face interaction. The older you get, the more you learn to appreciate those little time capsule remains of your younger self  decidedly less subtle and self-aware, yet brimming with hope and optimism. Nowadays I'm older, wiser (LOL), and slightly less prone to spelling errors and snap judgments, so maybe this time capsule will be less embarrassing for future me to revisit.

So that's the gist of why I started blogging again. Please feel free to lurk, comment, or subscribe to this blog if you find something that interests you. Thank you for your time, kind reader!

First blog post!

Welcome to my new personal blog! Over the next weeks, I'm going to fill this blog with posts about my favorite things: art, creative hobbies, hiking, and food. Expect posts ranging from art tutorials and convention tips, to interior design and recipes. Big thanks to all the inspiring, creative friends in my life who encouraged me to finally start this blog!