Gallery Locator

Here is a growing list of brick and mortar shops that carry Wendi Chen Art! At the moment, my artwork is available in several shops and galleries in downtown Seattle. You can refer to the interactive map below for an complete and up-to-date list.

I am always open to working with retailers to offer my work at wholesale prices. If you are a business owner or gallery curator who is interested in carrying my work, please email me for more information.

As of 2017, I became an officlal Craftperson at the historic Pike Place Market in Downtown Seattle! My schedule varies from week to week, but you can stay updated through my Events page. Hope to see you there!

KOBO Shop & Gallery (Seattle)

604 S. Jackson St., Seattle WA 98104

Wing Luke Museum (SEATTLE)

719 S. King St., Seattle WA 98104

Chin Music Press (Pike Place)

 1501 Pike Place #329  (Lower Levels), Seattle WA 98101